Lent Term 2015

Monday 19th January
Discussion Theme: Free speech, blasphemy and secular sentiments
Convenor: Dorothea Ramahi
– Nadia Fadil, Managing affects and sensibilities: The case of not-handshaking and not-fasting
– Saba Mahmood, Religious Reason and Secular Affect: An Incommensurable Divide?
– Samuli Schielke, Second thoughts about the anthropology of Islam, or how to make sense of grand schemes in everyday life

Monday 2nd February
Discussion Theme: Categories, Labels and Taxonomies of Islam
Convenor: Hira Amin
– Sadek Hamid, British Muslim Young People: Facts, Features and Religious Trends
– Francis Robinson, Islamic Reform and Modernities in South Asia
– Abdullah Saeed, Trends in Contemporary Islam: A Preliminary Attempt at a Classification

Monday 16th February
Discussion Theme: Media Representations of Muslims in the UK Press
Convenor: Samar Samir Mezghanni
– Tahir Abbas, Media Capital and the Representation of South Asian Muslims in the British Press: An Ideological Analysis by Abbas
– Paul Baker, Costas Gabrielatos and Tony McEnery, Sketching Muslims: A Corpus Driven Analysis of Representations Around the Word ‘Muslim’ in the British Press 1998–2009
– John E. Richardson, ‘Get shot of the lot of them’: Election reporting of Muslims in British newspapers by Richardson

Monday 2nd March
Discussion Theme: Gender
Convenor: Catriona Hay
– Emily Billo & Nancy Hiemstra, Mediating messiness: expanding ideas of flexibility, reflexivity, and embodiment in fieldwork
– Saba Mahmood, Feminist Theory, Embodiment, and the Docile Agent: Some Reflections on the Egyptian Islamic Revival
– Heidi Safia Mirza, ‘A second skin’: Embodied intersectionality, transnationalism and narratives of identity and belonging among Muslim women in Britain

Easter Term 2015

Monday 27th April
Research Presentation: ‘Revivalist Islamic networks in France and Britain : an ethnographic approach’
Presenter: Margot Dazey

Discussion Theme: Conceptualising Islam
Convenor: Chris Moses
– Talal Asad, The Idea of an Anthropology of Islam
– Bobby S. Sayyid, Thinking Islamism, (re-)thinking Islam
– Samuli Schielke, Being good in Ramadan: ambivalence, fragmentation, and the moral self in the lives of young Egyptians

Monday 11th May
Discussion Theme: Muslim youth culture
Convenor: Margot Dazey
– Amel Boubekeur, Post-Islamist Culture: A New Form of Mobilization?
– Peter Mandaville, Hip-Hop, Nasheeds, and ‘Cool’ Sheikhs. Popular Culture and Muslim Youth in the UK
– Pnina Werbner, Theorising Complex Diasporas: Purity and Hybridity in the South Asian Public Sphere in Britain

Monday 25th May
Discussion Theme: Questions of Fieldwork
Convenors: Philip Rushworth and Maryyum Mehmood
– Ann L. Cunliffe and Geetha Karunanayake, Working Within Hyphen-Spaces in Ethnographic Research: Implications for Research Identities and Practice
– Yasir Suleiman and Paul Anderson, Conducting Fieldwork in the Middle East

Monday 8th June
Discussion Theme: Sharia
Convenor: Alyaa Ebbiary
– H. A. Agrama, Ethics, tradition, authority: Toward an anthropology of the fatwa
– S. Bano, In Pursuit of Religious and Legal Diversity: A Response to the Archbishop of Canterbury and the ‘Sharia Debate’ in Britain
– John R. Bowen, Blaming Islam
– M. Clarke, The judge as tragic hero: Judicial ethics in Lebanon’s shari’a courts