Seminar: Religion, Politics, Migration

Together with the ‘Religion, Politics, Migration’ postgraduate reading group based at the Von Hügel Institute, the Cambridge Muslims in Europe Postgraduate Forum held a successful postgraduate seminar at St Edmund’s College on 22nd June 2015.

More can be read here, while the day’s programme is detailed below. We are grateful to CAMMIGRES for sponsoring the seminar.

Event Programme: Religion, Politics, Migration

1000 Tea and Coffee

1020 Introductory Remarks (Elif Çetin and Vlado Kmec)

1030 Religious Stereotypes: Between Stigmatisation and Agency
– Samar Samir Mezghanni, ‘Bad News: The Portrayal of Muslims and Islam in the Muslim Press in the UK’
– Julian Hargreaves, ‘Risk and Resilience in British Muslim Communities’
– Moderator: Elif Çetin

1110 Religion in International Affairs
– Sophie Roborgh, ‘Medical Returnees: Humanitarians under ISIS’
– Judd Birdsall, ‘Has Obama Failed in the Muslim world?’
– Moderator: Chris Moses

1150 Break

1200 Muslim Festivals in Europe: Politics and Community
– Alyaa Ebbiary and Chris Moses, ‘Celebrating, Consuming, Contesting: Islam at the Global Peace and Unity Festival’
– Margot Dazey, ‘Performing the Ummah: An Ethnographic Snapshot of a Muslim Festival in France’
– Moderator: Vlado Kmec

1240 Lunch (Sandwich Lunch provided by St Edmund’s College)

1330 Migration, Religion and Civil Society
– Vlado Kmec, ‘Between Religious Community and Public Space: Intercultural Engagement of Young People with Migration Background in Ireland and Germany’
– Elif Çetin,‘The Relevance of Catholic Social Thought and Practice in the Field of Migration and Asylum Policy in the UK’
– Moderator: Chris Moses

1410 Ethics and Authenticity: Muslims In Britain
– Alyaa Ebbiary, ‘Making Modern Mullahs in Britain’
– Philip Rushworth, ‘Between Mr Darcy and Mr Grey: a convert’s experience of “doing da’wa”. A case of not-handshaking?’
– Moderator: Margot Dazey

1450 Closing Remarks (Margot Dazey and Chris Moses)

1500 Finish